Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A fine example of my post below is this beautiful poster designed by Theatre VCU's own Glynn Brannan Director of Public Relations and Graphic Design. Glynn graciously donated her time, talent, and creativity to our project, and I was just so excited I couldn't wait for the final draft (also I figured out how to save a pdf to a jpeg, a small yet grand accomplishment for a technological novice).

Feel free to post this on your facebook pages as a profile pic. in support of Theatre in Battery Park!


  1. It's lovely, Joe. Posting your production in my Richmond Marquee calendar...


  2. Thanks so much Lisa! Look forward to seeing you out there in August, and hopefully sooner.

    - Joe

  3. Y'all have a cast list? I'm intrigued to know who the players will be!

  4. I would like a contact email or number today to have you on the radio (today) this afternoon to plug the last 2 shows maybe!